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22nd Sep 2019

HOLY HANGOVER CURE! A 4-In-1 Burger Exists In Dublin

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

Hanging this morning?

The fact that you got up super early to catch the rugby match surely isn’t helping either.

You know what you need? A dirty hangover cure.

When I’m hungover I usually spend half my day crying over the fact that my local takeaway Chinese doesn’t open until after 5pm. During that waiting period, I think about all of the food I would demolish – a 4-in-1 is always top of the list, followed by a whopper burger.

All of my dreams came true the other day when I found out a dish combining the two exists in Dublin.

Chimac on Aungier Street serves a deliciously filthy 4-in-1 burger.

This sounds like the DREAMIEST hangover cure imaginable.

Korean fried chicken, curry sauce, onions, chillis and crispy bits…

Excuse me while I drool.

Chimac is a Korean-style chicken joint on 76 Aungier Street. They serve chicken burgers and chicken pieces including wings, thighs, boneless bits and a vegan option. The flavours in the meat and toppings are insane. As well as the unreal grub, Chimac serves up frosé and Jinto, which is a frozen wine and grapefruit cocktail.

And for my veggie friends, you can still enjoy this wonderful creation as there is a tofu option available.


A hangover cure has never looked so good.