Ketchup Slices Are Now A Thing And We're Not Sure How We Feel About This

Apparently, the 'ketchup leather' gives you all the taste without making the burger bun soggy


This might just be the future of burgers.

Invented by the chef Ernesto Uchimura of LA restaurant Plan Check, the 'ketchup leather' is a square of hard ketchup that melts once it comes into contact with a hot burger.

Uchimura created these slices because he was fed up with ketchup spoiling his burger buns by making them too soggy, with the leathers providing the perfect amount of ketchup for a burger every time.

The slices are made by mixing tomato paste with soy sauce, garlic and other spices. It's then dried out in the oven and cut into squares.

Take a look at the process that goes into making these slices below.

We'll reserve judgement on this innovation until we try them for ourselves, but it kinda seems like a great idea.

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