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25th Feb 2020

Luxury Dublin bakery launches mystery box to cut down on food waste

Sarah Finnan

Laduree launches mystery box

A mystery box filled with all kinds of delicious pastries and treats is definitely something we could get behind.

Laduree, a luxury macaroon brand, French bakery and sweets maker, has today revealed plans for a new product. Called the ‘mystery box’, it’s like an advent calendar but better.

Hoping to cut down on the amount of food wasted each day, each box will be filled with bakery and sweet items fresh from that day’s bake – items that haven’t sold yet but are still fresh and perfectly edible.

Experts in patisserie, freshly baked financier and madeleine cakes, Laduree is also home to Dublin’s best hot chocolate. Coincidence? I think not… for what goes better with a buttery croissant or a dainty macaroon than a hug in a mug hot chocolate?

Thick chocolatey richness with every sip.

And if you’re in the market for a spot of afternoon tea, the offering at Laduree is up there as some of the city’s best. Wonderfully French, you’ll leave feeling full and very chic.

Only a limited number of the Laduree mystery box will be available each day. Priced at €20, they will be available to buy on the app with collection times will be from 6:30pm.

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