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04th Jun 2021

Popular bakery offering 50c off loaves of bread if you bring a reusable bread bag

Lynda Keogh

If you weren’t aware, today Saturday the 5th June is World Environmental Day and you can bag yourself a bargain baguette!

To support the cause, our pals over at Bread 41 will be offering customers 50c off every loaf of bread, if you bring a reusable bread bag with you. Every small step counts, and what a nice gesture to help us along the way to becoming more sustainable and environmentally aware.

Bread 41’s Instagram post reads;

The 5th of June marks world environmental day.
From this Saturday onwards Bread41 will support this by offering 50c
off every loaf of bread when you bring your reusable bread bag.
Every reusable bag is a tiny but mighty game-changer in the journey to
greener pastures and cleaner skies.
(It does not have to be a Bread41 bag, any bag will do)

Aiming to make the world a better place, one loaf of bread and one reusable bag at a time – Bread 41 really know how to get us on board. This is not just for this weekend, it’s from today (June 5th) onwards. Get your fresh bread and help make the world a better place, without having to go out of your way! What a way to start the weekend – the feel good factor is already peaking!

Lead Image via Instagram/Bread41

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