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06th Jan 2020

Free lunch for Darraghs and Denises in this Dublin pub all week

Darragh Murphy

Dublin pub, The Back Page

A popular Dublin pub is offering free lunch to all Darraghs and Denises this week.

As a Darragh myself, Dublin pub The Back Page has provided the good news that was needed for the first full week back at work.

The Phibsborough pub will give all Darraghs and Denises a complimentary lunch between now and Friday as part of their ongoing name deal.

Every week, The Back Page picks a male and female name beginning with the same letter and invite Dubliners with those names to treat themselves to some free grub.

Before Christmas, Colms and Catrionas were welcomed to The Back Page for some delicious lunching and after a few weeks off dealing with the festive rush, the pub is now calling on Darraghs and Denises.

We don’t know if they will accept Daraghs or Daires but what we do know is that the offer is available from Monday to Friday, from 12pm to 3.30pm.

In terms of social media, few bars do it as well as The Back Page and the pub’s book club has also proved incredibly popular in recent months.

They are currently running a deal which will see them swap you a pint for a book and that offer has left them with no shortage of sports biographies.

It’s also a very handy way of getting rid of unwanted Christmas presents in exchange for a scoop.