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Ooh-La-La: Hidden In A Basement Is This Charming City Centre Wine Bar

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Red, white, rose or sparkling, whatever your wine weakness is you’ll be sure to find somewhere in town that can satisfy your greed for the grape.

There’s nothing nicer than strolling on in to a charming wine bar, taking a stool or comfy armchair and sipping on a glass of vino, only pausing to nibble on some artisan cheese or cured meats.

I’m 99.9% sure that this is a scientifically proven combination for pure and instantaneous happiness – it’s the ultimate de-stresser.

So, where to go in Dublin for a glass or two? Skip right this way and down the stairs to La Cave, a French wine bar that is like stepping back in time to the era of Édith Piaf and opulent Moulin Rouge lifestyle.

La Cave has a fantastic selection of wines both from France and global, and an impressive 350 bottles with over 40 available by the glass.

Old-timey paintings and Parisien posters line the walls and there’s a charm in the air that will make you stay to finish the bottle

Hungry? Nibble on the finest French cheeses and meats or get a bowl of steaming mussels

You’ll feel like you’re not even in Dublin. Viva la France!

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