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30th Dec 2017

This Person Was Giving A €50 Note Outside Coppers Last Christmas And Here’s Why

Darragh Berry

They say that there is two sides to every story and in this case, each side is as random as the other.

A reddit user who goes by the name of, ahem, ‘Fartboxmcgeehbum, posted a picture on the site on Saturday describing the events of two of his Facebook friends’ Christmas night out from this time last year.

One friend started to explain how he was “juiced in town” and that he gave “a homeless person €50 to get a B&B” only to end up having no money for himself to get a taxi home. 

“I am not well in the head,” he finishes the Facebook status with. We won’t argue with you there but it’s a nice gesture all the same. 

Then, his other friend posted a Facebook status which appeared on his timeline not too long after the first person’s very kind deed showed up.

Coppers 50 Note

This status reads:

“Waiting for a taxi outside the steps of Coppers. Thought we looked alright but some fella starts throwing coins at us and forces a note into my hand. I was like ‘no, we’re not homeless, keep your money’ and he walks off. It’s a fifty fucking euro note. Looking like shite pays off.”

Not often you come out of Coppers with more money than you went in with…

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