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17th May 2018

This Pub Is One Of The Best Spots In Dublin For An Early Evening Pint


It’s hard to nail down what really makes a good pub. 

The atmosphere? The pints? The clientele? 

Realistically, it’s probably a blend of all of the above but there are a few little extras that always sweeten the deal for me.

Number one is a food option. Sinking a few pints on an empty stomach can lead to a messy night (and a sore head) and there’s nothing like being able to tuck into a tasty toastie with your evening beverage.

Number two is decent music. I don’t care if Jamie Dornan himself is pulling pints behind the bar, I’m walking straight out if a Calvin Harris megamix comes on.

Number three is a dog, which I think is pretty self-explanatory. Dogs are awesome.

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This week, I got reacquainted with one of my local haunts – which ticks every single point on the list.

Hidden in a dark corner of Smithfield, I sat at the bar listening to an eclectic mix of New Orleans jazz, Frank Sinatra and one-hit wonders from the 70s while munching on a ham and cheese toastie (accompanied by the all-important crisps and a jar of mustard).

I was the happiest woman in Dublin.

Because when it comes to bars, it’s just about feeling at home.

Frank Ryan’s may not look like much from the outside but step in the door and it’s transformed into one of the cosiest spots in the city – the perfect combination of lively and relaxed.

There’s an in-house dog, great pints of Guinness, a pool table, live music on some nights and a varied clientele ranging from Smithfield stalwarts to more recent blow-ins.

This is one place that has no pretentions, airs or graces – just decent drink, sound people and some of the most random interior decor that you’re likely to come across.

And did I mention, those toasties are served ALL NIGHT LONG?

Check it out, you won’t regret it…

Cover image via Lorridub

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