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17th Jul 2020

A savage new chicken restaurant has just opened up in Dublin

Alan Fisher

Winner, winner.

Yup, glorious chicken dinner.

A new chicken restaurant has popped up in Stoneybatter just as the restrictions were lifted and we went to check it out.

Say hello to the one and only, All Bar Chicken:

I really love this style of place where they pick one thing and are really good at it.

This place decided it was a chicken restaurant and died on that hill.

I tried out the wings, burger, tenders, dirty fries, and kimchi fries.

I had never tried kimchi fries before but let me tell you, they worked.

Just as well as the dirty fries.

all bar chicken

There is a lot of competition in the wings department, with a lot of savage places to get them in Dublin, but these are sensational.

They are of course covered in hot sauce as a coating but when they come out the sauce has soaked into the coating and they appear dry.

This is the way for me. I don’t like it when wings come out in a soup of their own sauce.

Next up were satay tenders which were a big win for me.

I love tenders and I love satay sauce.

Finally, I got my hands on the chicken burger.

This bad boy is topped with mayo, lettuce, red onion, pickles, slaw, bacon, and the cheese sauce they use for dirty fries.

Good lord, it’s big and it’s juicy.

Make sure you head down to All Bar Chicken. You will not regret it.

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