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12th Mar 2021

There’s a new spot to get ice-cream and coffee along the canal

Sarah Finnan

ice-cream and coffee

Weekends – and weekdays too, let’s be honest – mostly consist of long walks and lots of good food these days.

Ice-cream and coffee – the makings of the Italian dessert affogato and whether you enjoy them in one bowl or prefer to double up and have one in each hand, there’s no arguing with the fact that they go bloody well together. It may seem contradictory to enjoy two polar opposites at the same time, but we’re in a pandemic, logic doesn’t apply.

Finding the two at the one spot can sometimes be a hassle, but a new spot has just parked up along the canal and they have both ice-cream and coffee on the menu.

Sharing a look at the Ice Breaker Café’s ideal canal-side set-up, Sea Stay Galway posted a few photos online, tweeting to say:

“Wow [sic] our friends in #Dublin have moved their #boat to #portobello where they serve #icecream and #coffee to go. It’s great [sic] break point [sic] for walkers and families on the canal in Dublin. The kids [sic] faces say it all.”

An idea fellow canal resident La Peniche was toying with just over a week ago, perhaps they’ll follow suit and offer a different savoury menu as one eager customer suggested.

“Awesome sausage rolls etc? As you wander down the canal, you get the next course.”

We like the sound of that… La Peniche, what say you?

It may not be ice-cream weather out there but we’ve never let that stop us before.

Header image via Twitter/SeaStay Galway 

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