HOLY MOTHER OF GOD These Massive Marshmallows Look Feckin' Amazing And They Can Now Be Found In Dublin

Peanut butter and chocolate, fresh strawberry and Madagascan vanilla, and blackberry and basil are just a few of the flavours


For many, marshmallows are just something you put in your hot chocolate when you're feeling especially bold... but these bad boys are a feckin' game changer.

Delish Melish (fantastic name) was the brainchild of Dublin woman Derval Mellett, whose marshmallows have been tricked out to be unbelievable and filling treats in their own right, with a host of flavours to choose from like peanut and dark chocolate, fresh strawberry and Madagascan vanilla, blackberry and basil, passion fruit, and coconut.

Delish Melish have been on the scene for the past few months, with their stall cropping up at markets such as Farmleigh.

But Delish Melish don't just go sumptuous marshmallows, they also make s'mores, meringues, rocky road and oh my God I'm drooling everywhere.

Take a look at what they have to offer below. We'll wager you've never seen marshmallows that look this tempting.

To get your hands on these fluffy beauties you can find them at this month's I BELIEVE Christmas village, which kicks off this Thursday.

We'll have the lot, please.

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