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20th Dec 2016

This Oreo Doughnut Is Now Available In Aungier Danger And It’s Feckin’ Unreal


Aungier Danger, you’ve done it again.

Having just opened three months ago, the New York-style Aungier Street spot has already got a rep as one of the best doughnut places in Dublin. 

Their red velvet treats with a cream cheese centre and their Nutella-filled beauts have definitely been the highlights so far.

Crime Scene

But they’ve once again pushed the boundaries of durty decadence, with their all new Oreo doughnut. 

The doughnut has crushed Oreo pieces sprinkled over its icing, and at its centre there’s a gooey melted marshmallow waiting for you.

We popped into the doughnut joint to try their latest offering (the things we do for you) and we can confirm that’s it’s enough to make you roll your eyes and moan “ermergerd” with a mouth stuffed with doughy goodness.

Have a look at it below.

Doughnut Main
Aungier Phil

Right now the doughnut is on a trial run, we’ve a feeling it’ll be sticking around though…

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