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25th Apr 2021

Why drink your coffee when you can eat in ice-cream form?

Lynda Keogh

I love coffee. All types of coffee. And I’ll drink it at any time of the day. But, why drink it when you could eat it in ice-cream form?

The weather has been hitting double digits for a consistent number of weeks, so this means that we’re most definitely settling into iced-coffee season. In Irish terms this usually means having an iced coffee in your hand, but keeping your jacket on.

However, we all know the arrival of summer is pretty much only confirmed as official when 3FE re-launch their Espresso Soft Serve. WELL LADIES AND GENTS – I guess its officially summer, because  the guys at 3FE announced that this iconic ice-cream is backkkk!!

You’ll find these delicious cups of heaven exclusively at the Grand Canal location, from this weekend. Oh and they’re topped with brownie crumbles!

Let us know if you try them!

Lead Image via Instagram/3fecoffee

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