10 Thoughts We Had While Watching The New Gilmore Girls Reboot

Don't worry, there's no spoilers!

Gilmore Girls Revival Rory And Lorelai

The Gilmore Girls return to our screens tomorrow for the first time in a decade and it's fair to say that every fan is VERY excited about becoming reacquainted with Lorelai and Rory.

We are no exception, so when Netflix offered us the chance to have a peek at two of the four 90-minute A Day In The Life episodes, we jumped at the chance.

The first thing that crossed our minds on returning to Stars Hollow is how familiar it all is.

It may be over ten years since the last episode aired but everything is the same, from the mother-daughter duo's fast paced monologues to idyllic surrounds of the Connecticut town.

In the interests of not ruining the fun for anyone, we'll keep all the details under wraps but here are some of the thoughts that went through our heads while watching...

1. Our predictions for the new episodes were way off

Especially the ones that we thought were a certainty.

Lorelai Gilmore Gilmore Girls Shocked Gif

2. There are so many amazing characters in Stars Hollow that we'd forgotten about

And they pop up constantly.

Mrs Kim Lol

3. It's a toss up between Kirk and Paris for our favourite character

They're both even better in the new episodes

Anigif Enhanced 24049 1413237695 14 Preview

4. Lorelai can sometimes be really, really mean

You'll know what we mean when you see the bagel scene


5. We are SHOCKED at the latest development in Rory's love life

Like, 'mouth gaping, definitely didn't see that coming' shocked

Milo Alexis

6. There's no bar in Stars Hollow

How did we not notice this before?!

Gl Hms Dn

7. We couldn't have guessed Paris Gellar's current career 

In a million, zillion years

Tumblr N1J02K Czk31T5Fs4Ao1 500

8. We miss Richard

Sadly, actor Edward Herrman passed away since the end of the last series so Richard is absent, and sadly missed, from the new reboot.

Bye Richard Gilmore 1445293969

9. Is Emily wearing a t-shirt and ripped jeans?

The only woman as famous as Hilary Clinton for wearing trouser suits.

Header Span

10. Rory is now 32. Yes, 32 years of age.

They grow up so fast.

When She Judgy

Gilmore Girls: A Day In The Life lands on Netflix tomorrow, Friday 25 November.

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