7 Dublin Stag Activities That You Probably Wouldn't Have Thought Of

By cynthia

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Best men, if you’re looking to organise a stag in Dublin then all we can say is you’re pretty feckin’ lucky.

With its brilliant pubs, amazing restaurants and top-class activities, it’s the perfect playground for the lads to get together for one last hurrah before the groom becomes a sober and respectable pillar of the community.

Check out our top picks for pulling off a cracking stag, whatever your mates are into.

1. Ziplining in Tibradden Wood

Sod the paintballing. We reckon the truly adventurous stags would love a go of Zipit’s treetop obstacle course in Tibradden Wood, just outside the city.

And the best bit? It’s just five minutes from the famous Johnnie Fox’s pub, so afterwards ye can calm the nerves with a well-deserved pint or ten.

2. Wakeboarding in Dublin’s Docklands

Watersports slap bang in the city centre – sounds pretty deadly, right?

Wakedock on Dublin’s Docklands is a cable wakeboard park that caters for stag groups. What the devil is it? Well, a rigging on the river with overhead cables pulls a wakeboard across the water at speed, so it’s kinda like you’re snowboarding, but on the Liffey.

Tip: Wearing Speedos that say ‘Jonno’s Stag’ in rhinestones on the arse is optional.

3. Stand up comedy and grub

The Laughter Lounge on Eden Quay has a nifty set of stag packages bound to chillax even the most stressed-out best man.

The club has links with restaurants such as Jimmy Chungs, Cactus Jacks and (aptly) The Church, to offer a selection of one-stop-shop ticket, drink and dinner options so your head’s not melted trying to book everything separately.

4. Xtreme action

If you cut this stag party activity it will bleed testosterone – Xtreme is an outdoor adventure centre in Curtlough, Co. Dublin that lets stags pretend they’re Steven Segal for a few hours.

Available packages give stags the option to mix n’ match activities like paintballing, archery, clay pigeon shooting and aerial trekking, with Temple Bar hostel accommodation included in the package price. If you feel like getting away from it all for an evening...

5. Private dining at Fire

For the lads among you who fancy an altogether more… civilised and relaxed kind of stag, why not check out one of the city’ s private dining rooms? That way ye can be as lewd as ye want amongst yourselves, without getting a slap.

Try Fire Restaurant and Lounge on Dawson Street – it has great grub, a massive drinks menu, and two dining rooms each with private terraces overlooking the Lord Mayor’s Garden.

6. Explore the city on a ‘beer bike’

Have you ever seen those pedal bus yokes going around the town and thought: that looks like a bit of craic? Us too.

Dublin’s Pedibus takes stags on a spin around the city. Pedalling the bike yourselves (so you’ll burn off all – well some – of the beers you’ll be drinking) you and the lads will be seated around a U-shaped bar, listening to tunes pumped through the sounds system and probably annoying people in the process, which is all part of the fun really.

7. All-out session at Alchemy

This one’s for the lads who don’t want to beat around the bush – they simply want to, as our American cousins are wont to say, partay.

Two special stag packages are available at Alchemy nightclub and venue: one without accommodation that offers a steak sambo, a pint, VIP admission to Alchemy and shot on arrival, and one with accommodation that comes with a two-course meal, club entry, VIP queue skip tickets, reserved areas and a full Irish the morning after.

Yes to full Irishes.