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20th Dec 2016

7 Reasons Why Kilruddery House And Gardens Is The Wedding Venue To End All Wedding Venues


Wedding venues aren’t something to be taken lightly. We know this.

So we’ve done a little digging and found ourselves some of the best and some of the most beautiful. Kilruddery is located just outside of Bray, meaning it’s surrounded by a mythical radius of natural beauty. We don’t mean to exaggerate but, it’s pretty special. 

Don’t believe us? WELLLLL, just like Leaving Cert Maths, we’ve shown our workings…

1. The surroundings – and the gardens – are breathtaking

Known as ‘the garden of Ireland in the garden of Ireland’, Kilruddery is simply gorgeous, with so much to see and explore.

2. It’s an easy commute

Conveniently located on the outskirts of the capital, just outside Bray, Kilruddery is a very easy commute from those travelling in or on the outskirts of The Pale.

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3. The photographic opportunities are endless

Spectacular outdoors, even better indoors and even the drive to it is so spectacular that the trip won’t feel like a chore.

It’s so beautiful, it makes all the other stately homes jealous

4. You get to feel like royalty

Killruddery has been home to the Brabazon Family (the Earls of Meath) since 1618, and was once owned by none other than King Henry VII. 

It is one of the few great houses in Ireland that is still lived in by the original family, meaning that every moment you spend there is steeped in history and wholeheartedly authentic. 

5. The food is to die for

Worried that having the best venue might have a detrimental effect on your food? Fret not, friends. You’re in super safe hands at Kilruddery. They even have their own farmers’ market – so you know they know their stuff.

For weddings, each menu is catered to individual tastes, meaning every last detail is accounted for. And accounted for tastily

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6. It’s perfect for kids and adults alike

Being a child at a wedding can be boring; minding one can be stressful.

But with Kilruddery, there are acres upon acres of play space for the little ones (and the bigger ones) to run around, and hopefully tire themselves out.

7. And because they tailor weddings to perfection

The staff and owners of Kilruddery know what they’re doing.

They receive rave reviews day in, day out and are willing to go above and beyond to make your special day the most perfect in existence. 


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