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05th Jul 2019

7 Refreshing Strolls In And Around Dublin That Will Clear Your Head

Alana Laverty

If everything is slightly fuzzy after last night then you’re probably well in need of a walk.

A good ould stretch of the legs and about 500 breaths of fresh air.

You’ll be right as rain and ready to go right back out and hit the town again tonight. 

Here are some wonderful strolls around Dublin to clear the head. Go on. 

1. The Great South Wall walk

The beauty of walking The Great South Wall all the way out to Poolbeg Lighthouse is that it’s quite close to the city centre, so there’s no need to drive for half an hour in order to get a bit of well-needed fresh air. 


Great South Wall

2. Howth Head walk

This walk is stunning. Come rain, hail or shine you’re always guaranteed breathless beauty along the cliffs of Howth. And the freshest air going. 

Pack a picnic, grab the dog and have an adventure in one of the most gorge places in Dublin.


3. Skerries seafront trail

This divine walk will take you along the seafront and through the main street. 

Stunning views, fresh sea air and a bitta exercise? 

A Saturday well spent.

4. The Dublin Mountains


These mountains are right on our doorstep so you really have no excuses not to give them a go.

The most scenic views come from a bird’s eye position, and that’s exactly what you’ll get on Dublin’s mountains. 

5. The Phoenix Park 

Always a winner in my eyes, and not just for proximity, The Phoenix Park has gorge green scenes for miles. 

And miles. And miles. 

Go get lost in our city’s largest park, follow the deer, breathe that fresh air and forget what time it is.

6. The Bray to Greystones walk

This walk takes you from Bray to Greystones along the stunning coastal path.

It’s about 7km one way, and will take roughly two hours. And sure if you’re knackered just take the DART back. Not that we would do that…


7. Ticknock walk

Not only does Ticknock boast some of the best views of the city – bit it’s also home to some super-interesting human heritage, if you’re into that sort of thing.

And most importantly fresh, fresh air. 


1, 2, 3…


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