9 unique places in Dublin to have your Christmas party this year

By Lovin' Media

November 3, 2022 at 10:02am


While some organised Oisins might have already planned the Christmas staff party months ago, chances are that you'll only have started to think about yours, especially if it's a smaller team.

Finger food and drinks in the local is grand 'n all, but don't you want to have a seriously slick party this year?

You'll still be making a fool out of yourself to your boss and chugging back shots with your new-found mate from Accounts, but head to one of these more unusual places, and at least you'll be doing it in style.


If you're looking for an unusual venue for your Christmas party, why not consider the fifth floor of the Trinity Street car park? Incredible food cooked over an open fire and served in a convivial style, in the surprisingly chic surrounds of a city centre parking lot, to use an Americanism. One to remember, for sure.

Christmas movie at the Stella

Everyone wants to go to the Stella, but most of us want to wait til there's a really special, possibly nostalgic film on to make the most of the experience. And who among us doesn't love a classic Christmas movie? Keep an eye on the Stella's Christmas listings this festive season, and treat your staff to a luxurious night out.


Chai Yo

Don't just go to an ordinary restaurant where they serve stuff neatly on plates, instead book into the Teppanyaki spot on Baggot Street and let them entertain you by doing impressive flips and tricks with your dinner as they cook it.

The Guinness Connoisseur Experience

Enjoy a private tasting at the Guinness Connoisseur Experience, which is their secret bar and the most exclusive Guinness tasting experience in the world. One for taking some non-Irish guests to.

25 Fitzwilliam Place

Go super high end by booking out 25 Fitzwilliam Place for a spectacular party that can be tailored to your every whim. Make sure to bring the company card!


Urban Brewing

Discover the ancient crypts of Dublin with this v cool microbrewery at CHQ. Urban Brewing has two bars and a restaurant in its stunning, 19th century warehouse space.

Roller Rink

Who doesn't want to see their boss desperately attempt to keep their balance on a pair of skates? Have a bitta craic and a boogey on the roller rink at D12, then head onto Rascal's Brewery just minutes away for pizza and pints. The dream night, tbh.


The Sugar Club

Looking for an evening of live music, cabaret, drag or old Christmas classic crooning to get the festivities started? Take a peep at the December line up for the Sugar Club - you're sure to find a great event perfect for celebrating with your colleagues.

Christmas films at the Bernard Shaw

Whether you're a Grinch or a Bad Santa there's an excellent lineup of Christmas films showing at the Bernard Shaw in Drumcondra this Christmas. And sure once you're there, you're in the perfect spot to eat, drink and be merry well into the night.

Have another idea for a unique Christmas party we should know about? Give us a shout and we'll add it to the list!

Header image via Instagram/thebernardshaw


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