A Backpack Now Exists That Lets You Carry Your Cat EVERYWHERE


Cat Bag

Here's a must-buy Christmas gift for the budding catperson/full-blown feline fanatic in your life: the windowed backpack pet carrier.

We thought we'd see it all with the recent invention of this onesie with a pouch for you cat a little while back, but this takes it to a new level. 

Have a look see at this new invention below.

U Pet Co

Pic: U-Pet.co

The giant leap forward in human-cat relations comes courtesy of the American company U-Pet, it's a backpack with a large window domed window for your cat to enjoy the scenery while you're out and about. It's also supposedly pretty cosy inside.

Happy  Cat  Gif

Of course this isn't just for cats, it can also be used to carry around other small pets like chihuahuas or ferrets or some shit.

Can you envision someone you love one day living with a legion of feline friends? This bag is for them.


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