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21st Dec 2019

A new pedestrian and cyclist bridge has opened in town

James Fenton

Lord Mayor Paul Mc Auliffe officially opened a new pedestrian and cyclist bridge at North Wall Quay yesterday.

Built over the Royal Canal in the Docklands, McAuliffe was joined at the ceremony by Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe as well as Anne Graham of the National Transport Authority. It is hoped that the new route will improve the commuting experience for those who regularly pass the area on the way to and from town.

The project was funded by the NTA and the bridge consists of segregated pathways for cyclists and pedestrians with the aim of enhancing safety and accessibility on the popular route. It will also form a part of the longer-term Liffey Cycle Way project.

Speaking about the new bridge, Minister Donohoe said: “If we want to encourage people to use alternative forms of transport and to leave the car at home we must provide the appropriate infrastructure and motivate them to do that. These new bridges offer safe access routes for cyclists and pedestrians and build on the existing pathways for both users along this central location.”

Anne Graham added: “I am delighted to represent the National Transport Authority at the opening of this new pedestrian and cycling bridge. Cycling and walking are both sustainable methods of transport that the NTA is dedicated to funding and supporting as part of our commitment to the Climate Action Plan. With more pedestrians and cyclists, we can reduce both our carbon footprint and the congestion in our city centre.”

Anything that can make the route into town a bit easier is bound to be welcomed by all concerned. As the old Fianna Fáil slogan went, “a lot done, more to do”.