PIC: The Difference Between Complimenting Someone In The Girl's Bathroom In UK v Ireland

"F*CK OFF like if that was in Ireland the beour would have invited me over for a Sunday roast at her gaff bitter bitch"

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Compliments don't fit into the male bathrooms of Ireland. If a lad was to say to you in the pisser, 'nice shirt' or 'I like your hair, man', immediately you would think that they were taking the piss.

But, as someone who has been left standing outside the bathrooms on several occasions while he waits for his other half, all women seem to do in toilets is compliment each other.

Sometimes I wonder do they even have to go to the toilet when they say so or are they just looking for someone to tell them nice things about their outfit.

Regardless, you'll see as much compliments in a girl's toilet in Ireland as you'll see toilet roll but sadly, that doesn't travel over the water as this Irish girl found out.

Ciara was over in England and while in the nightclub decided to throw out a compliment to spread the love, as you do.

She was not met with the usual response, however.

"In the bathroom I complimented a girls dress and she looked at her bud and they rolled their eyes? FUCK OFF like if that was in Ireland the beour would have invited me over for a Sunday roast at her gaff, bitter bitch."

The amount of snapchat friends that girls seem to make in the toilet is ridiculous but you wouldn't be starting any streaks with those in the UK that's for sure.

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