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19th Oct 2019

Dream job alert: this Dublin company will pay you to walk dogs all day

Sarah Finnan

I’d walk them for free but if you’re willing to pay me for it, I won’t complain…

HouseMyDog, what some would describe as being the equivalent of ‘Airbnb for dogs’, are looking for dog walkers to join the team.

The brainchild of Dublin brothers James and Timothy McElroy, the website provides dog owners with an alternative to kennels.

Essentially it matches dog owners up with people willing to dog sit when they’re away.

Always on the lookout for new sitters, the company are now also looking to hire dog walkers both on a full-time and part-time basis. You can earn up to €1,500 a month so it’s nothing to be laughed at.

Classed as Europe’s largest on-demand dog sitting service, signing up would be a very wise career move in my eyes. Find out more here.

I’ll leave you with this gallery of some of the furry friends you could make.

So small and fluffy.

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