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19th Jan 2020

Dublin Fire Brigade have helped to deliver three babies in one Dublin area this week

James Fenton

There’s a baby boom taking place in one part of Dublin if the latest updates from Dublin Fire Brigade are anything to go by.

Having a little one arrive before reaching the hospital is something that would strike fear into any parent but thankfully DFB firefighters and paramedics are well trained to deal with such situations.

Regularly, ahem, delivering updates under the hashtag #DFBaby, Dublin Fire Brigade announcing new arrivals on their Twitter account is nothing new. However, the team at Blanchardstown fire station were particularly busy over the past few days, successfully helping to welcome three babies including a pair of twins.

The first update came on Friday night when DFB announced the arrival of male and female twins….

Then, on Saturday, news came that a baby boy had been born in the rear of a Finglas-based ambulance…

All mams and babies are said to be doing well and as always, everyone at Dublin Fire Brigade is deserving of all the praise they get.

Congratulations to all concerned. There’ll be plenty of stories to tell at 21st birthday parties around Blanchardstown a few years from now.

(header pic: Dublin Fire Brigade)