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03rd Jan 2020

Dublin Zoo has welcomed 13 adorable new piglets

James Fenton

After the annual celebration of New Year babies in hospitals around the country, it’s now time to focus on adorable new arrivals of a different variety.

Dublin Zoo has this morning revealed that a litter of 13 new Tamworth piglets were born in November and what we want to know is why this news was kept from us for so long?

The post on Instagram was accompanied by a picture of the little critters and it looks like they’ve come on pretty well since arriving into the world a couple of months back.

According to That’s Farming magazine, Tamworth pigs are known for their golden-red coats and are considered one of Britain’s oldest pure breeds. They are suited to living outdoors all year round and can even adapt to ‘cold, adverse weather conditions’.

They may be good in the cold but they’re certainly warming our hearts. To catch them for yourselves, be sure to grab your ticket here.