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29th Dec 2021

Dundrum now has a reverse vending machine that raises money for charity

Katy Thornton

empty plastic bottles in a cardboard box

A genius way to recycle, and support a wonderful cause in the process!

While we all want to move towards a more sustainable way of living, sometimes it can be hard to know the best practices. This reverse vending machine at Airfield Estate, Dundrum takes much of the stress out of recycling. Instead of getting a treat from the vending machine, you feed in plastic bottles and aluminum cans so they can be properly recycled.

You pop in your bottles or cans bottom first and one at a time, and once you’ve inserted everything, push the button to finish. Perhaps the best part of this is that once you’re finished, a donation to the Laura Lynn hospice and The Community Food hub at Airfield is made automatically. So not only are you responsibly doing away with your rubbish, you’re actively supporting some great causes.

So if you live in the area and want your old bottles and cans to be put to good use, then make sure to stop by Airfield.

Header image via Shutterstock 

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