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10th Apr 2018

Everyone Is Talking About This Leap Card And Dublin Bus Dilemma


If you travel by public transport you can definitely relate to this one thing that is confusing the Dublin nation.

It all boils down to when we go to a driver on Dublin Bus and place our Leap Card on the machine to charge it.

The question was posted to Reddit yesterday,

‘Bus drivers, what’s the big hurry with the Leap card?’

If you’re not familiar with the issue, UncleBawnya has described the rush and concern when the driver tells you that you can take the Leap Card off the machine before it beeps to be charged.

It reads as follows:

User, tiocfaidharaghh replied “It’s so stressful. They say thanks and then you’re standing there holding the thing praying for it to beep so you can stop looking like an absolute gobshite.”

Another user whollymoly added: “Great question, I thought it was just my leap card – and it makes me tense every time. Yes, I’ve a lot going on in my life that this is the most stress-inducing thing I have face on a daily basis.”

The Daily Star reached out to Dublin Bus for an answer and now you can rest easy when jumping on the bus while commuting.

They said, “It’s not a common occurrence for Dublin Bus drivers to tell passengers to move on from the Leap Card machine before the machine seems to have validated it on the customer’s side.

“Leap Cards containing rambler products must be validated on the smartcard reader target for at least a couple of seconds or until a light appears and our drivers receive a message on their monitor when the Leap Card is not validated properly.”

So there you have it.

Header image: nusmith4/Twitter