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16th Mar 2020

Free online yoga classes – here’s how to avail if you’re housebound

Sarah Finnan

free yoga classes

A little at-home flow to help us all keep calm.

Well-known yoga teacher Maura Rath is offering her services by giving free online yoga classes, helping all those who are housebound or self-isolating to keep calm in what is an otherwise very stressful time.

Driven by a passion to help others discover the same love for yoga that she herself has, Maura’s classes are characterised by their energy, positivity and humour – three things that are more important now than ever.

Posting a photo to her Instagram, she wrote:

“We are all feeling tangled but don’t let it get your spirits down we are in this together! I have decided to stream my classes LIVE & FREE for the next few weeks.

My classes are about unity coming together, having fun and finding a little space in our bodies and minds. Let’s flow from the safety of our own homes – a little movement routine is key.”

Classes are to be streamed live on Instagram and will also be available to watch on YouTube later that day.

Maura posted her first virtual class this morning. Saying that “it’s not all doom and gloom”, each session will be shot from Well Space Dublin to ensure that participants have a clear view.

Tune in to the free online yoga classes Monday to Friday at 8am and 5pm or else do in your own time whenever you get the chance.

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