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The Foolproof Guide To Getting Fit In Dublin Without Absolutely Dying

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Lookit, you might not have hopped on the January get-fit buzz but now is as good a time as any to start, right?

Getting started is the main thing here – it can be pretty daunting to make that first move into the gym or yoga class or whatever it is you break your fitness virginity with, but once you’ve begun it does get easier. 

I recently tried to train like a bodybuilder for six weeks (you can see how I got on here) and I got an insight into the world of Dublin gym bunnies.

“Started from the bottom now we here”, and all that. Here’s how to get fit in Dublin without collapsing from frustration halfway through your first session. 

Where to begin:

Yoga will ease you in nicely

Start off with a chilled yoga class at Yogahub, aka the yoga place that everyone wants to try. 

You can choose from either a Single Lunch Pass for €10, or Single Class Pass for €17. And for when you become hooked, they have some deadly rates to keep you going back

Join a budget gym to start with 

Flyefit is also a foolproof way to dive in as their pay-as-you-go rates from just €29 a month. I find their classes a great way to get the ball rolling but just start off with less intense ones such as Dance Fit, Conditioning or Step. 

You also get a free gym induction where a trainer will give you a personalised gym programme. MAKE USE OF THIS. 

Or if you can’t face working out on your own, just go to classes

Andy Kenny is maybe the cheapest in town, with spin classes for the low, low price of €4.

The good thing about here is that classes range from 20min for beginners to 90min advanced classes, so Andy has something to suit everyone. These classes are also either pay as you go, starting from €4 or you can become a gym member.

How to pump it up a bit:

Ballet barre is the LA craze that’s still popular in Dub

Sweat while you plié. This blend of ballet, cardio and pilates has proved very popular stateside and is beginning to make an impression in Dublin.

It aims to tone and elongate your muscles, lift your booty and slim your thighs.

You’ll feel great, look great and pick up some new moves along the way. Oh, and better still, you can get your four classes for €60 at Platinum Pilates.

Rock climbing

It ain’t as easy as it looks lads, but you don’t necessarily need a whole lot of body strength. If you’re tactical and have a good eye you’ll fly it. 

Not only do you get that craved adrenaline rush but you’re working out your entire body – you won’t even notice you’re exercising! 

Awesome Walls in Finglas is around €11 for an hour’s climbing. Sure go on, go on, go on.

F45 training 

Never heard of it? You will, as it’s the world’s fastest growing fitness franchise and it recently opened in IFSC.

F45 Training has a powerhouse system with a variety of fun, functional and efficient workouts such as Athletica (their signature cardio work out), Romans (their signature strength work out) and Hollywood (their 27 station super circuit with a LIVE DJ every Saturday morning). 

You will sweat. You will be left gasping for air. But Jesus Christ you’ll get a good workout while you’re at it.

Where to eat:

We wish it weren’t so, but getting fit is actually 20% exercise and 80% diet. Meal plan and prep to your heart’s content, but if you’re out and about in town and need to grab something to eat these spots are ideal for fresh, healthy food. 

The Punnet Food Emporium

Think fresh fruit and veg, think fresh juices, think natural. If you’re in the mood for trying something healthy long-term, these guys do juice cleanses, tailored to you.

Their wraps are stuffed full of grains and goodness.

Urban Health

This ultra-health shop in Ranelagh offers just more than food. They do fresh juices, healthy treats and, above the shop, yoga and fitness classes. One stop shop for your bod!

They also have a beaut brunch menu with healthy and delish pancakes and turkey burgers.


The food is colourful, detailed and absolutely deadly. 

Their regular salad boxes (with up to 4 salads inside) are HUGE and only cost €7.50. Otherwise, get yourself a salad box with meat and soup for €10. And trust us – it will keep you going all day.

Where to shop: 

Sometimes the only thing that will make you go to the gym is the fact you want to wear your new leggings. And y’know what? That’s totally fine. 

Penneys is obviously a haven for bargain gym wear but if you want something a bit different here’s what we love…


One luxury Irish athleisure brand in particular has caught our eye lately. Peachee leggings flow with the natural curves of your body, and the thick compression material is not only moisture-wicking but also keeps everything in place.

Just look how flattering they look on the bootaaayyyy.


The Canadian lifestyle inspired athletic apparel label, which has a loyal following all over the world, is available at Brown Thomas.

Yes, it’s pricey, but the clothes are SO INSANELY NICE. 

You’ll be doing laps of Stephen’s Green in no time…

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