The 'Protein Easter Egg' Is Now A Thing – And You Can Get Them Right Here In Dublin



First, they brought us protein selection boxes – now, it's the protein Easter egg.

Or rather, it's a healthy dark choc packaged up with two protein bars of your choice. And, as any fitness lover knows, it's nice to have an out when everyone around you is pressuring you to gorge on sugary crap you don't really want.

Oh, and the best news?

It's VERY satisfying to smash...

While the egg itself is not particularly proteiny, Bodyfirst boss Ray Shah tells me that he's finally tracked down a manufacturer who can make this happen, so we can expect to see the full package on the shelves next year.

At €13.95, you'd want to be sure it's going to someone who'll really appreciate it – but if that is the case, you can pick them up here.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan