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WATCH: This Could Be The Most Fun Workout In All Of Dublin

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Spinning, TRX, pilates, kettlebells… 

Yes, they’re all effective. 

But are they FUN? 

To some, maybe, but for those with more of an affinity for craic? They just don’t measure up. 

We’re always on the look out for alternative ways to workout, while having a good time too. 

And this is the latest one that we’re hooked on – trampoline fitness

Wanna burn 1,000 calories in 50 minutes? Yes, please. 

The crew at Jump Zone will whip your ass into shap, legging it up and down the trampoline court, squatting, lunging, jump jacking all over the shop. 

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Prices from just €11 per class. 

You’ll be breathless afterwards, and unable to move the following day. 

But you’ll be craving another class before you know it. 

Jump to it. 

More info here

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