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02nd Jan 2020

Here’s how to help Dublin’s homeless while disposing of your Christmas tree

James Fenton

It’s the most miserable time of the year as we’re all faced with going back to work, taking down the decorations and disposing of the Christmas tree.

After around two weeks of merriment, most of Dublin’s workforce will be trudging back to the office over the coming days and if that wasn’t enough indication that Christmas is over, this weekend will see trees coming down in living rooms across the city.

While there are plenty of local drop-off spots to dispose of yours, a Dublin homeless charity if offering you the chance to do your bit for a great cause while waving goodbye to the Christmas tree for another year. The Medicity Institution has taken to social media to inform people that they will come to their home, pick up their Christmas tree and take it to a recycling centre. All this for just €10, with funds going towards frontline homeless service in Dublin.

A post on Twitter reads: ‘If your Christmas tree is like a guest who’s stayed too long, get in touch. We’re offering a collection to recycle service that’ll raise essential funds for frontline homeless services and kickstart our new year. Please help spread the word.’

As you can see in the above leaflet, the Mendicity Institution will pick up your tree on a time and date that will suit you, completely taking the stress out of your Christmas tree disposal this year. All you have to do is text the number above and arrange a time that suits.

The Mendicity Institution has been running since 1818 and is the oldest working charity in Dublin. It aims to create opportunities for those experiencing homelessness and in 2018, provided 25,000 meals and assisted over 830 people in the city.

You can find out more about the work that the Mendicity Institution does here. Happy de-decorating, everybody.