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22nd Jul 2017

LOVINLEAN: Finessing The Face Pull And The Importance Of Progressive Overload

Alana Laverty

Believe it or not, but we, the Lovin Media Group guinea pigs, have survived the intense six week workout programme with trainer Sam McGuinness. 

Not sure to be relieved, delighted or absolutely devastated, we all agree that it’s been both a mental and physical challenge, but with the final push of encouragement from Sam – we’ve made it. 

Two of the most important things we’ve learned over the past six weeks is that diet is key and if you’re not incorporating progressive overload you’ll never reach your goals. 

We’ll admit that we had a few bumps in the road when it came to the whole dieting thing. 

I mean, we’re only human! 

Although we have seen some huge changes in our physique, the odd donut here and there really did slow those changes down. 

Even if you are getting up at 6am and hitting the gym at 7am, if your diet is not consistent then you’re wasting your time. If that ain’t motivation enough to keep your paws off the guilty grub then we have no other solution. 

Progressive overload, I hear you ask? 

Progress overload is the process of increasing your weights each workout and decreasing your reps. If you continue to do the same weight and same reps from week to week you’re not going to see any changes. You need to challenge your body. That means doing less reps with a heavier weight. This is the only way you’re really going to start to see a difference.

Got it?

Got it. 

So our final week we finally finessed the face pull – and so can you with these easy steps: 

Step 1: Kneel with one leg down flat on the floor and the other bent at 90º with your foot on the floor. 

Img 3558

Step 2: Hold the end of the rope with your two hands on either side.

Img 3559

Step 3: Pull the weight directly towards your face, separating your hands as you do so. 

Img 3560

Step 4: Keep your upper arms parallel to the the ground. 

Img 3561

Step 5: Squeeze the rope tight once pulled in towards your face and slowly revert back to position one. 

Img 3562

Step 6: Repeat as per your set amount of reps. 

If you’re still working hard to get that summer bod, don’t lose faith. 

Keep pushing your body outside of its comfort zone and take the advice from our last 6 weeks and will reach your goal. 

Good luck!