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18th Feb 2018

‘MammyBlogging’ Is The Latest Refreshing Online Trend Led In Style By SoSueMe’s Mam

Megan Cassidy

It’s about time the fabulous mammies of the nation got in on the blogging action.

The latest craze in the world of online blogging is ‘MammyBlogging’ and we are completely here for it.

Leading the charge is none other than Suzanne Jackson’s mam Susan Jackson with her travel and fashion Instagram account eternalstyle_ie.

A quick scroll through her feed shows she’s in good hands and clearly getting plenty of advice from her daughter who’s own Instagram account ‘SoSueMe’ has over 231K followers.

Mammy Susan’s feed features plenty of outfit shots that come with captions like:

‘Nobody asking “mam where is my top or what’s for dinner? Or constantly picking up after everyone!!???????? I am totally switched off for the moment!!’

In another caption she bemoans the fact that she didn’t pack enough ‘light clothes’ as they ‘weren’t organised’ for the trip.

Another one showcasing a River Island jumper reads ‘I just could not get the heat into me today’.

Almost every caption has a mam-gem. Here she is having a pop at her daughters for never putting their phones away.

We are living for this!

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