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20th Dec 2016

Meet The 8-Months-Pregnant Woman Still Kicking Ass In The Gym


At eight months pregnant, Sinead Beasley could be forgiven for putting her feet up – but the personal trainer and European kickboxing champ is having none of it. 

Instead, she’s still sweating it out at Fit Studios, the gym she works at, and which is co-owned by Sinead’s partner, Brian Lee (who also co-owns Chopped, the clever clogs).

Sinead’s been posting rather unusual pregnancy updates on the ‘gram. Instead of the usual side-profile bump progression pics, she’s been sharing her workout regime, adjusting things a little to allow for the fact that her shape has changed a teeny tiny bit in the last few months. 

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Sinead’s been documenting her pregnancy journey, advising fellow mums to be on why they should keep moving, and how to make sure their form is still on point. 

“It’s so important to train during pregnancy if you’ve been training before,” says Sinead. “It reduces lower back pain, for one thing – also helps improve oxygen flow and reduce certain risks like pre-eclampsia and pregnancy diabetes.”

It’s clear that Sinead’s missing her high-impact daily workouts, though: “Don’t rush into the next exercise… Everything is very boring and moderate.”

As a world-class kickboxer, Sinead’s used to gruelling cardio and weights sessions, as well as regular high-impact kickboxing sessions, so the slow and steady pace of her pregnancy routine has been quite the adjustment – not that it’s putting her off!

“I’ve cut down my training in the last fortnight, to about four times a week,” she says. “Training was always a part of my life – I actually get jealous of people training! It helps me mentally, and I know it’ll help me bounce back to pre-pregnancy size – hopefully.”

With 12 weeks to go, Sinead was showing us how it’s done – practising her kettlebell squats with little sign of slowing down. Eh, jealous! 

Though Sinead admits she’s frustrated “being able to do 10% of what I used to be able to do”, she says she’s keeping up the exercise for the sake of her sanity as much as anything else. 

“My hands and feet are like balloons but sure it’s all a part of it I suppose! I think I would have lost it by now if I wasn’t training – it’s my time out for everything.”

The baby’s now due in five weeks’ time and Sinead hopes to get back to sparring “as soon as I deliver the baby! Ah, well, I’d like to get back as soon as I can – I really miss it.” 

Looks like she’ll have no trouble getting back to form…

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