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20th Dec 2018

Snap Happy! 10 Of The Coolest Wedding Photographers In Ireland Right Now


Brought to you by the Wedding Photographers of Dublin.

If you’re currently knee-deep in wedding prep, you’ll probably have come across one piece of advice over and over again: don’t scrimp on the photography.

We really have to reiterate that advice.

Everyone who’s been married will always say how quickly the big day comes and goes. When the final dance has been danced and your dress is tucked away in the wardrobe, all you’ll have are those pictures. Alright, not just the photos. You’ll have all those wonderful memories – but memories only depict your perspective of the day and you might forget the smallest of moments.

With that in mind, we’ve selected 10 of the best photographers around. You won’t see stiff portraits or cheesy shots from this lot. Nope, this bunch create amazing wedding stories that are works of art in themselves.

1. Nick O’Keeffe

Next year Nick will celebrate 10 years in the business and it’s easy to see why this award winning photographer is making waves in the industry.

With a mix of modern, docu-style and traditional wedding photography, his style is one-of-a-kind. His relaxed and fun-loving attitude is infectious and he goes a long way to make each couple feel comfortable.

Some of his photos show some fun or humorous moments, others show more priceless memories – it’s this attention to details, that make his work shine.

Based in Dublin and Kilkenny, he works nationwide. Check out more of his work here.

Nick Okeeffe1
Nick Okeeffe2
Nick Okeeffe3

2. Emma May

With a background in fine-art and photojournalism, you’re guaranteed something a bit different or unusual with Emma. Described as a ‘wedding ninja’, she sneaks around in the background and captures the most beautiful of moments. You’ll get the best of both worlds with this lady; a relaxed and candid style that gels seamlessly with innovative and adventurous photography.

A member of Fearless Photographers, Emma loves to experiment with new techniques so each couple gets something out of the ordinary on their big day.
Have a gander at her work here.

Emma May First
Emma May2 1
Emma May3 1

3. Elaine Barker

As soon as she picked up her first camera aged nine, Elaine knew she’d found her calling. One peek at her work and you’ll agree it’s what she was made to do. After fifteen years experience, she knows what kind of photography is most important for clients and their families. There’s a sense of intimacy with her photographs and she captures moments so well, you’d never know a photographer was even there. Not only that, there is a huge sense of humour and a big fun element to her work too. She loves to have the craic! Keen to work with each couple, she strives to deliver happy, bright loving (and sometimes a little sexy) style of photography. Winning the Classic Wedding category in the IPPVA Awards 2018 and joint LTF Documentary Photographer of the Year 2018.

Elaine Barker 1
Elaine Barker 2
Elaine Barker 3

4. Emma Russell

If you’re looking for a style of photographs that blends together natural, modern but slightly alternative – Emma is your women!

Whilst looking through her Instagram there’s a gorgeous classic feel to her images with a tone that allows her to stand out amongst others in her field.

Emma photographs all over Ireland, and each couple she works with looks at ease, is smiling from ear to ear and most often, embraced in a moment that’s oh so special.

Find Emma on Facebook here.

Emma Russell
Emma Russell 1
Emma Russell 3

5. Bruno Rosa

Bruno Rosa is not your typical wedding photographer – but then again, if you like his photographs, you’re probably not a typical couple. We know that and he will love you for it!

Most couples will experience some nerves on their wedding day. Apart from being the master of telling stories through mind-blowing and compelling photographs, Bruno has a gift of putting each bride and groom at complete ease on the day. Many couples say they weren’t even aware some of the photos had been taken! Skills.

As the most awarded wedding photographer in Ireland, Bruno Rosa isn’t afraid to take chances and pours his heart and soul into creating incredibly unique photos that transcend time and place.

He travels all over Ireland and Europe for weddings. See more on his Facebook and Instagram.

Bruno 1
Bruno 2
Bruno 3

6. Gareth Lima-Conlon

Gareth approaches each wedding with a modern, creative stance and focuses on emotion and energy. For him, it’s all about the connections that unfold on each couple’s wedding day and this is very evident in all his work.

Having just won the IPPVA Irish Professional Wedding Photographer of the Year this year, Gareth strives to convey the narrative of love and family on each job.

With a style that doesn’t interfere with the flow of things on the day, he effortlessly works with the bride and groom so they really get to enjoy the day with their guests. A true gent!

Gareth Lima Conlon 1
Garth 2
Gareth Lima Conlon 3

7. Ryan Devereux

A documentary wedding photographer, Ryan’s work is all about natural moments, creativity and human connection.

His passion is capturing a split-second moment that will likely never happen again, so you know you’ll find yourself with some incredibly personal and unique images at the end of the day.

His style uses natural light and he excels in black and white photography – he finds small, special moments, never manufacturing them.

Ryan works both in Ireland and abroad.

Ryan 1
Ryan 2
Ryan 3

8. SOSAC Photography

Shane has been photographing weddings for eight years . Originally a chemical engineer, he found his calling after travelling the world and meeting a host of unique characters, he realised he needed to tell people’s stories for a living – and he’s never looked back.

In short, Shane wants to make sure the best day of your life is actually the best day of your life. So he won’t make things complicated, he won’t turn it into a big production and he won’t be pulling you away from your family, friends and everyone else important to you. The more time you spend enjoying each other’s company, the more authentic the memories he creates for you will be.

Have a closer look at his timeless, beautiful imagery here and drop him a message to secure your date.

Shane 1
Shane 2
Shane 3

9. Paul McGinty

Paul is one of Ireland’s top documentary wedding photographers and having spent a few years honing his skills in Melbourne, he returned with a quirky fly-on-the-wall approach to wedding photography.

It’s clear from his work that he brings a huge fun element to his work and he describes himself as ‘anti-status-quo’ – you won’t get any posed, plastic or safe images with Paul!

If you’re looking for something slightly different and want your story told with all it’s emotion, hit this guy up.

Paul Mc Ginty 01 1
Paul Mc Ginty 02 1
Paul Mc Ginty 03


The man behind JAM SHOOTS is John Gillooley who’s work could be described as incredibly creative yet relaxed – literally the best of both worlds!

An award winning photographer, his images ooze colour and he manages to capture brilliant moments between the bride and groom – no cookie-cutter shots here ladies and gentlemen!

For John, it’s all about the fun and he captures the spirit of people in his own non-traditional way. He loves Instagram and shares some amazing stories, certainly an account to follow.

He works all over Ireland and will happily travel.

Find JAM SHOOTS on Facebook here.

Jam 1

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