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04th Sep 2017

One Of Dublin’s Slickest Artists Is Hosting A Solo Show This Month And It Looks SO Good


Dublin’s art scene is fairly hopping right now, with studio spaces such as MART and The Tara Buildings providing new spots for the best and brightest creative mind’s of the city to come together.

And now one of our personal favourite creatives is hosting his own solo exhibition this month in The Tara Buildings from the 7th-14th September, and we’re buzzin’ for it.

Haven’t heard of Sketchy? You’ve certainly spotted his artworks around town before…

Sketchy is a Dublin based artist who for over 10 years has been reimagining the landscape one fluorescent brick at a time, and his depictions of classic Dublin spots such as Savoy Cinema and Keogh’s Pub has firmly put his name on the ones-to-watch list.

Here’s what his new show is all about…

Gradient is is a “fresh look at his view of the city, how we navigate it daily, what we take home and what stays with us, all told through the medium of ink, spray paint , photography and Giclee printing.”

These colour pop pieces would brighten up any dreary apartment, that’s for sure.

And you’re sure to recognise some of these…

Sketchy’s previous works (btw, he does commissions if you have a favourite place you’d love to see in print!), feature iconic locations in Dublin and Galway.

All prints are limited editions, and make the perfect gift for that person who’s notoriously hard to buy for (my bf received the Grand Canal print for Christmas and swears it’s his favourite present EVER.)

Now look, we don’t wanna mention the C-word, but old Christmas will be creeping up on us before you know it. And these prints make for easy gift ideas.

Obsessed yet? Check out Sketchy’s exhibition show this month and you soon will be. It opens on Thursday at 6pm – the ideal way to brighten up your day with a bitta culture and craic.

Just think of all those colourful snaps you get for the ‘gram, right? Right.

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