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01st Sep 2017

PIC: Can You Spot What’s Seriously Unusual About This Maternity Photoshoot In Dublin?


Do you ever look at something and think “hmm, there’s something a bit off”, but you can’t put your finger on it? Like when you forget to put on mascara but have an otherwise full face of make up, or when your pizza delivery looks different, AND YOU REALISE THEY FORGOT THE GARLIC DIP.

Y’know, stuff like that?

That’s how we felt when we spotted this maternity photoshoot with a difference on Reddit, shot by Dublin photographer Alex Art.

It’s an ad on Done Deal for a “Maternity Photoshoot on location of your choice”, so far so normal, except for the fact that the location shown in the photos is eh, a graveyard.

We thought maybe there was a sentimental reason for the unusual location – a relatives grave, perhaps, but considering the grave looks at least 100 years old we’re not so sure.

Each to their own, we guess? It does say a “location of your choice”.

In fairness, the other photos are beautiful…

Fancy giving it a go to capture the magical moment in your life? For €150, the ad on Done Deal says you get a “photoshoot of one hour, you can choose your location within Dublin and you will receive 20 edited images within this 150E package on the cd or delivered online.”

We think we will stick to the grassy meadows, or lakeside scenery types of location for now though…

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