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15th Jun 2018

The Average Budget For Dublin House Hunters Has Been Revealed


Start saving those pennies.

The average house hunter in Dublin has a budget of €315,000 for their prospective home, according to data from Perfect Property.

While the majority of searches on Perfect Property reveal that the average house hunter has a budget of €315,000, there are some extreme exceptions with 4% of Dubliners having a budget of €1 million and 1% having a budget of €5 million.

House buyer seems to be moving out of the city centre and focusing on suburban options with 76% of buyers favouring a back garden as a must-have feature for their new home.

Dun Laoghaire Pier

The most popular home searches are in Finglas, Swords, Tallaght and Malahide. Other suburban areas, such as Dun Laoghaire, is being searched 48% more frequently than this time last year.

However, a recent report from showed that the average house price in Dublin is over €378,000.

Well, that’s just a tad bit depressing.

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