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Create Your Very Own Winter Wonderland Without Buying A Load of Christmas Decorations

By Liz

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


The Christmas tree needs decorating, but then what? How do you turn your home from an ordinary place into a winter wonderland?

Here are some ideas for how to decorate your house. They vary from creative uses of things you have already, to things you’ll need to buy in an arts supply shop, to stuff you can get from a garden. 

Other things you’ll need to buy, but they can also be used for the rest of the year.

Make it bright

In the midst of short dark days, there’s nothing nicer than a little brightness. Fairy lights are a great way to instantly brighten any room. You can hang them over mantlepieces, run them along the back wall, string them up on the porch, entwine them around plants or put them into a clear vase. Candles are also fantastic around Christmas. 

Colour your place

Emphasise any decorative items you own that are green, red, gold, silver or white. You can take ordinary boxes or baskets and cover them with some plain wrapping paper. 

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Go natural

Get pine-cones and place them on visible surfaces. Collect holly and place sprigs around where people won’t be able to injure themselves. Collect stones and spray paint them gold or silver, or cover them in glitter, and put them in a bowl with a candle. You can also paint a branch, place it in a vase and use it to hang baubles off. 

Use those Christmas cards

You can hang them with string or wire, or you can put them out on a coffee table.

Wrap it up

Ribbons can be bought cheaply from homeware stores. You can put bows on drawer handles, wrap it around stairs, or stick a bow on the wall (be careful about pulling off paint).

Put together a centrepiece

Maybe you have a few spare baubles are dressing the tree, or you have a few that don’t hang anymore. Throw them into a nice bowl. You can also use cranberries, nuts, oranges, apples, greenery, festively coloured marbles, and candles.

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But when in doubt, you can buy cheap decorations in a load of places around Dublin – Penneys and Dealz in particular. 

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