If You Lived In This €5k-A-Month Marker Apartment, You'd Still Be In Bed Right Now

Oh yum

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You're probably reading this on a train or a bus – but you know something?

You could still be in bed right now.

These apartments in The Marker might set you back €5k a month, but their location is absolutely bang on for the vast numbers of people who work in the Silicon Docks, the IFSC or up along the Docklands.

Seriously... have a look.

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It comes with access to all the stuff you'd get if you were a guest in The Marker Hotel – gym, terrace, pool, all that lark – and you even get your sheets changed every week as part of the rent price.

Surely that's worth half the rent all in its own right?

The property in brief consists of the open space fully integrated and furnished kitchen with dining/ sitting area, sunny balcony off the living room, entrance hall with extra storage room, two double bedroom one with access to the balcony and en-suite bathroom and main bathroom.There is also utility room off the kitchen.

And they even have Ice Cube on the telly!

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Yup. All over dat.

Check it out here.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan