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02nd May 2018

PIC: Almost €1,000 A Month To Share A Studio? This Rathgar Flat Is Pure Desperate


We hope you’re ready to sell your soul for a place to live in Dublin because it’s looking like that’s what it’s come to. 

Five months deposit, a hair from your ex-bae and a fern. The secret potion to getting a gaff. 

One particularly grim apartment for sale is this “two bedroom” studio in Rathgar that couldn’t be further from a two bed. Like, yeah, it has two beds. But they’re in the same room as the kitchen and the wardrobe. 

It’s up on for €995 and already has over 27,000 views. 

Yep… That is a fold out bed from the fireplace.

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You’d go absolutely mad living in here. 

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