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05th Mar 2018

PIC: You Wouldn’t Want To Be Shy Living In This Grim Dublin Flat Share

James Fenton

We’ve seen some fairly grim accommodation options in Dublin in recent times but this one takes the absolute biscuit. 

Appearing in an ad posted on over the weekend, the place is described as a single bedroom priced at €500 monthly. Not bad at all until you read on to discover that the bed is located in the living room of a flat which currently has three other people living in it. 

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We hate to disappoint the ladies out there but the occupants have a strict ‘male only’ rule for the property on Parnell Place. The ad only contains one picture but if you want to get a greater sense of the vibe of the place, why not shoot the advertiser on an email? 

They’re sure to be queueing up.

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