There's Now A Candle That Smells Like A Brand New MacBook


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We all love a good scented candle.

Whether you're a Yankee Candle fan or prefer something more notionsy like Jo Malone, there's something about lighting a candle that makes your house seem a bit more fancy.

However, we just can't get our heads around the latest scent to be launched in the US... which recreates the smell of a brand new MacBook. Yes, really. 

Apple accessory company Twelve South is responsible for the candle, which costs just over €21 and is described as having notes of "mint, peach, basil, lavender, mandarin and sage".

We have to admit that we've never noticed a particularly pleasing waft of fragrance on opening a MacBook but it seems we're in the minority, as the candle is currently sold out online.


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Marie Madden

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