This Two-Bedroom Apartment Will Set You Back €2,500 A Month In Rent

What could possibly make it worth it?

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As Dubliners, we're no strangers to extortionate rents – and if not extortionate, then it's a veritable bargain basement hell hole where you're expected to share a bedroom with seven different people and a large rate named Hank.

Well, this apartment has just gone up for rent on Fade Street, above Hogan's pub, for the princely sum of €2,500 – for two bedrooms.

It got us thinking: what could possibly be hidden in that duplex apartment that could justify a €1,250 per room monthly rent? Well...

It's got a floor piano in the living room

The interiors were designed by Missoni

Like the Italian design brand's Hotel Missoni in Kuwait (we can only dream...).

Hotel Missoni Kuwait

There's a breakfast vending machine in the kitchen

And you can select anything you'd like – including French toast, pancakes and American-style bacon.

George Clooney's on hand to brew your coffee

George Clooney Nespresso

Your walk-in wardrobe is entirely automated

There's a McDonald's on the ground floor

...because Grafton St is just a walk too far.

There's free parking – and you get a car, too

And not just any car, oh no; you get to choose from a Volkswagen Scirocco, an Audi R8 or a Land Rover Defender.

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Disclaimer: It is very unlikely that this apartment comes with any of the above features. But, y'know, for €2,500 a month... It should.

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Written By

Rosemary MacCabe