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20th May 2020

Seven WhatsApp groups we are all in whether we like it or not

Lynda Keogh

We have all been added (willingly or otherwise) into a number of WhatsApp groups. There are at least seven that almost everyone has experienced…

WhatsApp groups are the new-age chain letter, change my mind. How many groups are too many?

The extended family

We all have one and we all feel equally as uncomfortable about it. Could be considered the Spam inbox of WhatsApp groups – where you are plagued by Aunty Mary sending in ‘gas’ videos or memes. Only really used for inter-familial boasting and cousin-shaming; “Our Niamh got 470 points in the Leaving Cert – that’s 100 more than you @Sorcha”.

The immediate family

Usually has a witty group name, and is used mainly to update your parents on when you plan on coming home next. Ultimately this WhatsApp group is a shrine of sorts to the dog. If this group image isn’t Fluffy’s best side, post-grooming – you have no heart.

The siblings group

Essential. However, it can also create potential potholes particularly after a few pinots. Great for banter, chats, bitching and slagging with the siblings. BUT, when drinking one must ensure that they are commenting into the sibling group, rather than into the immediate family group.

The workgroup

This group really depends on what vibe you have in the office. Some can be stiff and structured, where you wait for the head-honcho to initiate awkward text-speak communication and then everyone chimes in. Or, it could be a group who genuinely like each other and want to do Zoom drinks on a Friday evening.

Image via Dublin Girlo

The workout bootcamp accountability group

This is a WhatsApp group you essentially paid €300 to join, yet you have it constantly archived and on mute. One year mute was vital as you still shudder when you think of Jane sending in pictures of her beans touching her scrambled eggs every-single-morning.

The college group

A group where love and friendship once bloomed, fears and F grades were shared and the best memories were documented – but alas it has gone quiet. Loose promises of meeting up at Christmas. Here lies the ghosts of banter passed.

The gals

This group has a wildly inappropriate name, and group image to match. NOT one for your mother to accidentally click into. This is where the tea is spilled, your deepest darkest secrets are kept and photos of you looking worse for wear in Shane’s bed after the 2016 BESS Ball, will forever reside. A group of both fear and complete comfort. You dread the years of WhatsApp archives that will surface on your birthday every year. But they are your huns, the gals, the sisters you never had, and most importantly – they are the best humans with the same disturbing sense of humour as yourself.

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