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04th Apr 2020

Sustainable Fashion Dublin launching virtual flea market today

Sarah Finnan

The Sustainable Fashion Dublin gals aren’t letting lockdown get them down.

With all their upcoming events being cancelled, including their monthly sustainable flea market,  Taz and Geraldine of Sustainable Fashion Dublin have had to think on their feet – coming up with crafty new ways to keep busy.

A popular fixture on Dubliners’ social calendars, they’ve decided to run still run the market, just in a very different way.

Speaking of the idea, the duo said:

“We know that we are not the only company that faces huge concerns and struggles right now and we are focusing on proactive ways to adapt and create new ways to engage with our community and continue to encourage small steps towards sustainable living.”

Increasingly aware of the struggles experienced by small local businesses, independent retailers and artisan producers, the twosome has come up with a ‘virtual market idea’.

Virtual market

Choosing a number of hand-selected artisan, sustainable and preloved vendors to feature – the SFD gals will give them a platform through which they can sell their products online. Usually a once-monthly market, the virtual market will run every week.

“Every week we will pick 20-30 vendors from a different area of Ireland (this week it’s Dublin, next week it’ll be Cork), each of whom will feature in their own slide in our dedicated ‘Virtual Flea Market’ insta story. The vendor will be able to share a selection of photos of their items on sale; a little explanation about who they are/ what they’re about; and a swipe-up link bringing the customer to their website/depop etc.”

Businesses looking to feature are encouraged to get in touch via email ([email protected]).

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