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26th Jul 2021

This Dublin company has created the ultimate fashion item for anyone who loves swimming

Rory Cashin

Sea swimming has really blown up over the summer, and this is a must-own if you love going for a dip.

If Instagram is to be believed, then everyone has taken up sea swimming this year.

It is totally understandable, considering the lovely weather recently, and it is all outdoors-y and healthy and great for a mood improver!

However, once you get out and the cold wind hits, most of us have to turn to wrapping ourselves in a towel, but the folks at Dublin Bay Swimming Company have come up with a brilliant new product that will both help you get dry and warm, while also looking pretty slick.

The description, as per the website, is as follows:

“One Size, premium cotton swimming poncho in light Dublin blue. It is made of 100% premium cotton and comes with a kangaroo pouch and hood so you can sit comfortably chatting before and after your swim. It’s light and dries quickly and can easily fit inside your average backpack.”

Ruairi Sparks, the founder and creative director of Dublin Bay Swimming Company, told us where he got the inspiration for the ponchos from:

“It came basically from going swimming and seeing all these other poncho brands but none that reflected Dublin. Like many people I turned to sea swimming during the lockdowns as a form of escapism and The more I did it the more I wanted to see something that was of Dublin for Dubliners.

“Sea swimming is getting more and more popular and I feel as though Dublin is really engaging with the beautiful sea we have on our own doorsteps. I wanted to create something that reflected our city and I can think of no better icons than the Poolbeg Chimney stacks.

“Also the colour choice for the first drop is a nod to the light blue that we see on the Dublin GAA jerseys on the Hill every summer. Many of the colours of ponchos I see in places like the forty foot and bull wall are dark or muted and I wanted to create something that really popped and stood out.”

You can get more info about the ponchos, and also put your order in for one, right here.

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