This Hoodie Contains An Inflatable Pillow And It's GENIUS

No longer will we be shackled to pillowless jumpers

Hoody Pillow

Ever try to sleep on public transport, only to realise that there's no position for your unsupported neck that's even remotely comfortable? Well no more.

This ingenious invention was designed by Californian Josh Woodle of Hynos Hoodie, who set up a Kickstarter campaign in order to make his hi-concept jumper a reality.

And it seems that people like the idea of a cushion they can carry at all times, because the campaign has already amassed over $53,000 in pledges on a target of $30,000.

The hoodie contains an incredibly well concealed inflatable device within the fabric of hood that expands at a moment's notice.

Take a look at its advertisement below.

Dear God, let production hurry up on these things.


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