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15th Nov 2017

This Humans Of Dublin Post About A Teenager Is Getting An Amazing Reaction


Humans of Dublin is a fantastic curation of photographs and stories of Dubliners from all over the city, and its latest post is seriously inspiring.

A young teen, Abdullah Ahmad, tells how he taught himself skills online to open his own clothing brand and self publish a book. 

“I figured it all out on the internet meanwhile it took a 45-minute class to study how clouds deliver rain”, he said. And isn’t he right? 

His motivating story has gotten a lovely reaction online

People in the comments on Facebook are praising Abdullah for his entrepreneurship and positive attitude, and it’s started a conversation on how schools should react to the current changes with online opportunities.

Abdullah also has an Instagram that’s way too slick for a 16-year-old (what a ledge)

*Runs to buy from his clothing brand right now*

It’s so inspiring to see young lads like Abdullah strive to make something of their own, and putting themselves out there with such a hardworking attitude.

You can check out his (v stylish) clothes at Joker Clothing.

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