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This Legendary Rock Band Have Just Announced At The 3Arena

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Queen have just announced that they will play a gig at the 3Arena this November.

The iconic rockers, who will be joined by new frontman Adam Lambert for the performance, will visit Dublin on 25 November and tickets will go on sale this Friday morning at 9am.

They are priced at €87 plus booking fee and fan pre-sales will be available from Wednesday.

The brand new show will include a specially designed state-of-the-art production, with drummer and co-founder Roger Taylor revealing that the 2017 tour “will look entirely different to the show we took around before”. 

“Production has really changed a lot, the things you can do now, you have a much broader palette, the technology has really come along. But we don’t use it all. We don’t play to click track. It’s 100 per cent live. We’re planning on doing stuff we either haven’t done before or haven’t done for a long time. We started as an albums band, that’s what we were. The fact that we had hits was just a byproduct.”

This should be a good one!

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